The Spirit of the Lord is upon me...He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners...

and to set the captives free - Luke 4:18




There are many excellent organizations out there determined to end sex trafficking in our world. While the large majority are awareness-oriented, there are also many who do advocacy work or offer high-quality aftercare programs.


Fewer are those groups that actively rescue victims, but those rescues are typically achieved when a victim reaches out for help through a hot-line. And then, the victims are often in their thirties and can only seek help because they have "aged out" so to speak.


Operation Liberate exists to locate and free those victims who can't reach out.

Operation Liberate was born from a coalition of professionals determined to make a real impact in the fight against trafficking.


The guiding philosophy of our board being to never "reinvent the wheel" but to fill the gaps and do that which others are not able to do, Operation Liberate realized that the greatest need was to conduct investigations, to identify and locate unreachable victims and provide a level of intelligence gather-ing to law enforcement of sufficient quality to allow them to intervene.



Operation Liberate conducts investigations in Metro Atlanta and the Southeastern U.S. as well as certain countries in Latin America.


Since 2011, Operation Liberate has located hundreds of sex trafficking victims and been involved in the rescue of dozens.


We have also identified dozens and dozens of traffickers by name and uncovered numerous criminal racketeering groups.


We work to serve and assist law enforcement, not against it.


Operation Liberate has also formed community outreach teams who regularly conduct evangelism in neighborhoods that our investigators have identified as hotbeds of trafficking activity.


Operation Liberate is an Christian evangelical 501(c)3 non-profit organization.


A Statement of Faith can be provided upon request.

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