We can do nothing without the power of God enabling us.


We have clearly seen His hand at work throughout our history. He has supernaturally revealed information to us at key times, He's protected us from unforseen problems and dangers, and He has provided funding when we thought we were stuck.


That is why we need YOU to join our prayer team! God moves when we rely on Him through prayer, and frankly, this job is too big to be supported with  just the prayers of the likes of us at OL.


We covet your prayers. If you would commit to supporting us through regular prayer, please email us at


We'll keep you updated!

Operation Liberate is constantly receiving tips that we cannot pursue simply due to a lack of manpower and funding.


Won't you help us change that?


Your gift goes a long way. When you give to Operation Liberation, you are not funding a large staff or facility - You are funding investigations and rescues.


At Operation Liberation we have a small, stream-lined organization and your dollars directly free those bound in sex slavery.



Operation Liberate also has community outreach teams that do prayer & evangelism in neighbor-hoods identified by investigators as having a significant number of victims residing in them.


There are many cases when law enforcement is unable to intervene due to a lack of actionable evidence, and in such situations, these teams may be the only opportunity for victims to hear a freeing message.


The community outreach teams not only have the potential to transform an entire neighborhood, but  they are YOUR opportunity to make a direct impact  in the life of a victim.


If you are interested in hearing more about this opportunity, please email us at:


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