While much of our case info is sensitive, we will share a few stories here as illustrations of how we work and what we do. Of course, names and places have been changed to protect those involved.


Christina was a vibrant fifteen year old who suddenly went missing. Her distraught relatives suspected that she was being trafficked, but they had no solid evidence. Operation Liberate was contacted and our investigators soon narrowed down her location to one of a few possible buildings. We simultaneously built evidence against her trafficker. Within 2 weeks, we were able to determine which of the building was where she was being held. With the information we provided in hand, law enforcement was able to effect a safe rescue for Christina and get her home. They were also able to arrest her trafficker and put him behind bars.


Sarah was a fourteen year old who fell in with the wrong crowd. Her mother, growing increasingly concerned about the activities of Sarah's "friends" contacted Operation Liberate. After hearing the details, we agreed that it sounded like she was being groomed to be trafficked (Often a trafficker will romance his victim before lowering the boom). Our investigators got involved and within a very short time developed hard evidence that not only was Sarah on the verge of being trafficked away, but also regarding her would-be trafficker's current crimes. That information was used to effect his arrest and  get him out of her life. Sarah has now distanced herself from these "friends" and is doing much better.


Lysa was thirty-eight years old, but had been raped and trafficked by gangs since she was very young. She contacted one of our rescue partners and asked for help getting out and to safety.  Her case was a very difficult one with regards to placement in aftercare due to the nature of those who'd held her, but as Operation Liberate has done for dozens of other victims, we funded her transport to safety and restoration to society. She is now doing much better and receiving care.


Stacey was a twenty-one year old being forced to strip at a strip club and perform sex acts for customers after shows. She had been betrayed by everyone she trusted in her life and felt she had no way to escape because the local chief of police was a friend of her trafficker. After being beaten severely with the back of a gun, she reached out to one of our rescue partners and Operation Liberate was contacted. Within hours, investigators were on a plane.  Thankfully, in a short time, we were able to get her out and safely transported to an aftercare program. Last we heard, she is doing very well.


Brittany was a teenager who did not know that her boyfriend was a member of a gang. He kidnapped her and transported across state lines to be trafficked. When she saw an opportunity to escape, she took it, but soon was on the run through the streets with armed gang members searching for her. She did not know where she was and was unable to call law enforcement. Operation Liberate was contacted and we traced her to a specific address. With that information, law enforcement was able to intervene and rescue her.


Of course, we have many more stories like these. We thank God that He has seen fit to use us  for His glory in this way. May HE rescue many more!

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