No little girl dreams of becoming a prostitute when she grows up. Most all persons working in the sex trade express that they are where they are because they felt trapped and had no other options. Many sex workers are controlled by pimps and cannot escape. These workers place thousands of ads online each day to try to get work. The increased “product and demand” is a huge problem. Because of this, Operation Liberate felt led to create an online outreach arm to minister to these broken people. Our Cyber Team consists only of women, ages 21+ who document each person who lists an ad online. Later, the information collected is used to improve investigations, and also for our Cyber Team to reach out to with encouraging texts and messages of hope and love from Jesus! This is a great hands on way to volunteer and make a difference.

This volunteer position is open to females only, ages 21+, displaying spiritual maturity. Team meets monthly in Lawrenceville, and weekly in Cobb County. For more information or to sign up, email